Make “Someday” Today

IMG_20150619_131333I got this gem of advice today from a Dove chocolate. I needed it.

Too often (way too often), I put things off, avoid doing things, or talk otherwise get in my own way because of doubt, fear, or simple procrastination. I will get boosts of motivation where I actually make lists of the things I want to do or accomplish to make sure I keep myself aware and accountable, but 2 hours later, I’m back to feeling apathetic.

It’s time for me to make a change – to not just tell myself, but to know that what I do and how I spend my time matters. The things I am passionate about have been on the back burner too long. My personality is wasting away and I am turning into a boring couch potato. The effort it takes to talk myself into accomplishing something is far less than the energy I spend feeling regretful for not taking action in the first place.

I am committing myself to being a better person for myself, my husband, and our little one. We all deserve it.

Make “Someday” Today

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