Who doesn’t love free clothes?

Thanks to lovely bloggers who dedicate their time to finding sweet deals, coupons, and promo codes, I have been able to snag several awesome buys in the past. My favorites are always those that help my grand total fall to under $5 – or better yet, FREE.

I found Schoola, an online shop that consigns kids, juniors, and women’s clothing from big brands for great prices. You can find cute styles from J Crew, Old Navy, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, White House Black Market, and tons more for up to 70% off retail.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 10.21.21 AMPLUS, right now, they are offering free shipping on ANY order, no matter the total.

PLUS PLUS, they donate 40% to local schools! The donation amount is taken from the total BEFORE discounts or coupons. I got some absolute steals and my purchase still gave back $10.87!

I used a combination of offer codes I found online to score 3 maternity dresses for just $2!! Here’s how:

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Who doesn’t love free clothes?

Cheap Date: Copycat Zoes Kitchen Marinated Slaw

Summer time is here and it’s time for picnics, barbecues, and other occasions that center around eating. One of America’s favorite potluck side dishes is classic cole slaw, but the traditional dish is made with kryptonite mayonnaise (obviously, I’m not a fan).

I was never a fan of cole slaw growing up (probably due to the copious amounts of mayo), but when I worked at Zoes Kitchen years ago, I was introduced to the vinegar-based Greek variation. I fell in love. There is something delightful about the combination of the tangy, smoky, herby flavors that make up this concoction. I couldn’t get enough of it while I was working at Zoes – I would take home the extra pints and quarts at the end of the day to snack on later at home. My coworkers probably thought I was a constipated, cabbage-obsessed weirdo. I didn’t care.

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Cheap Date: Copycat Zoes Kitchen Marinated Slaw

Make “Someday” Today

IMG_20150619_131333I got this gem of advice today from a Dove chocolate. I needed it.

Too often (way too often), I put things off, avoid doing things, or talk otherwise get in my own way because of doubt, fear, or simple procrastination. I will get boosts of motivation where I actually make lists of the things I want to do or accomplish to make sure I keep myself aware and accountable, but 2 hours later, I’m back to feeling apathetic.

It’s time for me to make a change – to not just tell myself, but to know that what I do and how I spend my time matters. The things I am passionate about have been on the back burner too long. My personality is wasting away and I am turning into a boring couch potato. The effort it takes to talk myself into accomplishing something is far less than the energy I spend feeling regretful for not taking action in the first place.

I am committing myself to being a better person for myself, my husband, and our little one. We all deserve it.

Make “Someday” Today