Valentine’s Day comes once per year, but Comcast always sucks.

Valentine’s Day means many different things to many different people – a sweet day for romance, a sad reminder of being single, a day for protesting commercial America, or just another day on the calendar. For us, Valentine’s Day is the perfect symbol of the harmony between our love, understanding, appreciation, and support for each other. We enjoyed sleeping in before J had to get ready for work one of the busiest (and profitable) days of the year for the restaurant industry. At the beginning of his shift, he sent me a picture of their seating system – 160 tables waiting. It’s amazing to me that J excels under such pressure, but I’m happy being the at-home housewife of a restaurateur, thankyouverymuch.

I love having the time to be at home on a predictable timetable to get things done and reduce my stress. However, with J’s crazy schedule, I have moved into the role of main contact for all of our utilities, housing needs, etc., for which I am not the most qualified. I don’t know much about what combination of services make a good deal, when we are being ripped off, or what services we even need. So far, things have been alright and nothing has gone completely haywire, but this new responsibility of mine has been a great, practical learning experience and test of my selflessness. I am the less-obnoxious epitome of a money saver; I am not a crazy coupon lady and don’t recycle our toilet paper, but I am always aware of where my money goes and why it goes there. If it were up to me, we would not have cable and we would live on beans and rice.

But one of the must-haves for my husband is, of course, television – namely, every station that airs football EVER. I enjoy watching football and marathons of true crime shows, and having TV and internet through the same provider always saves you money, so it has been a great compromise. Yet, at our current apartment complex, we are forced to use the corporately-contracted disaster of a company, Comcast. We are both first time Comcast customers, so we weren’t sure what to expect. Plus, it is always a bittersweet moment when you have to trade your tried and true provider for something new. What if they don’t have the same channels we are used to? What if the services aren’t as user friendly? What if the internet is slow? Well, Comcast has managed to check all of those boxes, and some.

In the short month and a half we have lived here and had (on paper) Comcast service, we have had more issues than either of us have ever had combined. I’m interested to see what they all total up to be…

1. When we first had our service bundle installed – cable, internet, and home security – the technician came without some of the necessary components, making our security system a useless eyesore for a few weeks.

2. Technician did not set up the security system components he did bring properly. There was no communication between the camera and pointless touchscreen base.

3. Technician also did not install the wireless router for our internet properly. We could not connect our wireless printer and had internet crashes or dead periods several times per day.

4. The cable box regularly has “communication issues” with the “Xfinity X1 Platform”. (I was actually able to turn on the TV and see that message just now). Again, I’m not a big television watcher, and definitely don’t see it as a necessity, but this gets pretty annoying.

5. Between the two of us, we have talked to more than 20 Customer Service Representatives over the phone or online. EVERY TIME we call to get our issues fixed, we wait on hold for at least 30 minutes, talk to a series of people who claim we dialed the wrong extension or otherwise cannot help us, get disconnected, and/or told our problems were not the responsibility of Comcast (?).

6. Both of us have succumbed to releasing our anger over the phone. We both have backgrounds in customer service, so we know yelling never gets anyone anywhere.

I think I’m just trying to think of reasons how Comcast could be in the wrong. Either way. If it can be avoided, do not get Comcast for ANY service.

This post subject to edits per future encounters with Comcast

Edit: AS I AM TRYING TO UPLOAD THIS POST, the internet crashed. Really…

Valentine’s Day comes once per year, but Comcast always sucks.

One thought on “Valentine’s Day comes once per year, but Comcast always sucks.

  1. Hi there, I’m reaching out here because I’d like to apologize for getting such a bad taste of Comcast after your first few months with us. I’d like to take it upon myself to assist your issues and see them through until your service is working fully. I work for Comcast’s corporate customer service team and specialize in helping customers who write blogs about their poor experiences. Please shoot me an email at with your account information so I can assist.

    Once again, I apologize for the poor experience and how that I hear from you soon so I can address this promptly.

    Kind Regards,
    Comcast Cassie


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