I’m not negative, just realistic

There are a few things in this world that annoy me. Okay, maybe more than a few. I’m a little OCD and tend to be overly compassionate and politically correct (which I don’t always think is a bad thing). Why can’t people just be aware of what they are doing and saying? It’s time to get these things out of my mind…

Annoyance list (i.e. therapy so I don’t punch someone in the face)

– People who don’t use their signal to change lanes.
– Scuffle-walkers. Pick up your feet!
– Not only ignorance, but reaching conclusions or making fun of topics without the appropriate knowledge.
– People who take advantage of what they have.
– Or who complain about what they have. At least you have it.
– People who talk in third person about themselves.
– Do I like when people ask questions to make a point? No. Does it annoy the heck out of me? Yes.
– Unnecessarily loud or repetitive noises.
– “Dead baby” jokes.Rape jokes. Not funny.
– Slow drivers in the fast lane.
– People who only care about the next time they will get drunk/high/have sex.
– Not enunciating words. Please talk like a human being.
– Believing in things just because you’ve been told to believe in them.
– Bad parenting. Including, but not limited to: yelling at children, drinking/smoking/cursing in front of children, being annoyed by their questions, using physical punishment, etc etc etc
– Constantly complaining about things you want to be different, but never taking action.
– People who put too much emphasis and effort into their appearance.
– Arrogance. Get over yourself.
– Not giving people a chance/having preconceived ideas, but unwilling to see if they are true.
– Flighty people who live on a whim. It scares me.
– People standing in the middle of grocery store aisles like they are the only people in the store.
– The Southern tendency to stop and talk to anyone you have ever met in your life.
– Ron White.
– Cat Williams.
– Whining about having “nothing to drink” when there is no soda around. Drink water, fatty.
– Frat-tastic helmet/bowl/swoopy hair.
– Rinsing your hands after peeing in a public bathroom is not the same as washing with soap.
– Not knowing where I am or where I’m going. I hate being lost.
– Impatient drivers who speed around me just to get to the red light a little faster.
– Big, loud, muffler-less country boy trucks.
– Big, loud, rap-blasting pimp mobiles.
– Changing plans and only telling me at the last minute.
– Not answering me when I ask a question, but when I ask again, you say “Stop asking so many questions!” I would if you would freaking answer me!
– Thinking hard work is below you.
– Not owning who you are, no matter what that means to you.

This list is subject to additions at any given time. 

I’m not negative, just realistic

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